Service, Recognition & Milestone Awards

Loyal, competent and motivated staff are critical to the success of every organization - large or small. Many organizations utilize effective recognition and incentive awards to improve their employee motivation and morale - through either difficult or prosperous times.

Research shows that properly designed, managed and executed Employee Recognition Award Programs can drive improved business results.

Properly structured service medals & awards for employees can increase performance; very few available programs contain all of the elements necessary for success.

The aim of Cash’s service award programs is to ensure that every recipient is recognized for his or her achievement as well as his or her service and loyalty with a goal to improve employee performance and motivation.

At the core of every successful company is a group of people who take heartfelt pride in being a part of the organization. Recognizing their contributions is as much an emotional issue as a financial one. The right employee recognition awards carry a value far beyond their monetary investment. At Cash’s, we have the resources and expertise to deliver employee recognition award programs as you would want to achieve the above outcomes.

Our Length of Service Awards programs include individually selected items, matched to your budget and delivered with a personal touch, all in a flawless system that relieves you of any burden.

Cash’s can create a tailored employee recognition plan that is appropriate for your organization and will help ensure that your employees know that their contributions are valued and appreciated. We have some very long standing clients (in excess of 10 years) that have used our service awards programs with great success.

After implementing several tailor made service award programs, we have found the feedback from our customers has been one of relief and satisfaction that service award programs can be as simple as sending an e-mail. From this point on Cash’s will provide the program from organising the personalized awards, to the warehousing and distribution to the recipient. We work with you to establish a milestone award program that reflects what your organization stands for.

We can create a program of high quality products to fit within your budget. Talk to our experienced sales staff about how we can create an awards program for your organization.

Our Customer Feedback

Just wanted to let you know that the Coal pins were an absolute hit and everyone loved them so thanks for putting together a lovely design for us.

— ANZ Events Manager International & Institutional Banking

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