A look back on the Cash’s Awards Trophy Season - The AFL Premiership Cup

It’s common knowledge that Australians celebrate Christmas twice a year. Once, on the 25th of December, which involves a visit from Santa Claus, and the other, on 23 March, when the first game of the Australian Football League (AFL) season officially kicks off. With the final, eagerly anticipated game taking place at the end of September, there is only one thing both fans and team alike think of: Who is going to take home the AFL Premiership Cup? As the official creators of the AFL Cup, Cash’s Awards are proud to have played such an instrumental role in one of the country’s most celebrated sporting events.

An AFL victory is meant to last. That’s why, every year, the AFL Premiership Cup is handmade for the season’s winners to keep as a permanent reminder of their victory. No AFL trophy is handed back after a season, and therefore extensive time and attention goes into crafting this prestigious symbol. At Cash’s Awards, not only do we manufacture this trophy in our Frankston facility, but we also create the Brownlow Medal (for the leading player in the game) as well as the Norm Smith Medal (for best player on Grand Final day), and the Jock McHale Medal (for the coach of the winning premiership team).

This year, the AFL Cup went to none other than the Richmond Tigers, who made their first appearance at the finals in over 35 years, to beat the Adelaide Crows by 48 points and taking the title.

This isn’t the only sporting event we were involved with in 2017. We were also privileged and excited to be able to create the trophy for the 2017 AFL Women’s and the upcoming 2018 AFL Women’s Grand Final, as well as all of the other awards that are be handed out when the season draws to a close. Some of the individual awards we will be creating are the Leading Goal Kicker Award, for most goals scored over the entire season, and the Rising Star Award for the best player under the age of 21.

We are proud to be working with AFL Women’s from the outset of the season, and look forward to their inaugural year becoming one for the history books, with many more seasons to come.

As proud Australians and major football fans, Cash’s Awards simply can’t wait to see what the next sporting season will bring.

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