Only In Australia — Military Honours Man’s Best Friend

On 08 June this year, amidst barks and tears, the Australian Military Defence Force held a special ceremony for those dogs and dog-handlers whose participation and service to the country were duly noted with unique appreciation.

This is a first for the country, and a first for the world, in which the Defence Force issues notice and respect to the animals and handlers whose time and service are given so generously and selflessly for the protection of all Australians.

“Military Working Dogs have made valuable contributions to Australia’s defence over the years and this medal will honour that contribution,” Hon Dan Tehan, Minister of Defence, said earlier this week.

Designers from Cash’s Awards and Promotion Solutions were given the honourable task of producing 1000 award medals & medallions, which they dutifully accomplished in a month. The Chief of Defence himself had particular and hands-on involvement with the original designing phase of the medal—this further proves how greatly the department values its fellow canines. — In the end, only 15 medals were awarded; the rest of Cash’s Awards medals will be kept for future military canines whose service exceeds 30 days in service.

Since dogs working in the Defence Force are trained well and are dependable creatures, designers at Cash’s knew that they had to produce excellence. And it was on the day in which the medals were ceremoniously handed out that everyone seemed to realise how valuable and treasured these animals are to the Defence Force, and indeed for all Australian citizens.

The Canine Operational Service Medal, which comprised a medal and a ribbon, was awarded to military canines who served in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Special thanks was noted also to Cash’s Awards for their excellent turn-around and brilliant design. It was a very emotional day, and one that will be remembered since it also made history in Australia.

Dan Tehan added, explaining, “We have a number of dogs carrying out these tasks such as: the Royal Australian Air Force Patrol Dogs, Army Military Police Dogs, Explosive Detection Dogs and Army Combat Assault Dogs, which all offer a large contribution to the ADF.”

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